GuardianIoT.  Know Today.  Guard Tomorrow.

GuardianIoT designs and intergrates Remote Wireless Monitoring Solutions manufactured by Monnit for any business, at any budget. We have the real-time data your business needs to perform at its highest level.

“Know Today” means that your system looks at updated data every 15 minutes based on the parameters chosen by your team. If the data is out of range, a text message or email goes to the designated recipient immediately.

“Guard Tomorrow” means that armed with that information, you can potentially avert a crisis, keep the train moving, prevent catastrophe. Instead of having an emergency.

Here are just a few benefits Remote Wireless Monitoring Systems can provide:

  • Cost Reduction/Cost Segregation
  • Productivity Increase
  • Work Stoppage Reduction
  • Safety Enhancement
  • Data Analytics/ Key Performance Indicators

We build a specialized application around you. We never try and fit you into a giant system. Our goal is to help you gather data in an efficient and cost-sensitive way that is accurate, fast, and easy to duplicate.

Whether you have one data point or a thousand. GuardianIoT keeps your costs low by using minimal hardware, cloud-based software, and secure communication that does not involve building your own network or special communications server.


GuardianIoT- Wireless Monitoring Systems

The Key to Harnessing the Power of Information through the Internet of Things (IoT).

No matter what business you are in, there is always data you wish you had sooner.

Wireless Monitoring Systems give you an advanced warning, preventing time-consuming and costly issues that are not the focus of your business.

What if you DID know what you DON’T know?


  • leaks and clogs
  • incursion crimes
  • work stoppage due to equipment failure
  • injuries
  • increased insurance premiums resulting in any of the above

The incredible advances in recent technology put all of that in reach, and the carefully curated sensor systems that GuardianIoT brings to market are the best available, at prices that will only make you wonder why you waited so long.

We maintain our commitment to provide a customized, comprehensive, and streamlined process for each client. The evaluation is complimentary; the ROI is exponential.

Learn More about the Business Intelligence Sensor Systems available for your Industry by clicking on the link below:

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  • Real Estate/Property Management
  • Food Processing/Packaging/Wholesale/Retail
  • Convenience Store/Grocery
  • Healthcare/Senior Living
  • Veterinary/Pet Care
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Education/Government
  • Energy/Utility

Don’t See Your Industry?

We can customize a sensor system, especially for you. There are over 50 types of sensors available at this time. We can customize a configuration to your specifications.

Worried about security?

Monnit’s system operates through its own Wireless Gateway.

It’s not connected to your network or Integrated Business Operations software. The only information passed on that gateway is from the facilities environment you are monitoring. The reporting happens at the cloud level. Messages are delivered via SMS Text, email, or telephone. You manage your own software. Once your system is installed there is no need for anyone else to look at your setup again unless you want them to.


It’s a snap!!! We provide a turnkey solution that allows you to maintain daily operations as we set up the system.

Reasons for waiting?………I got nothing.

Ready to learn more? Contact us at and ask us how we can help you become a Guardian too.