Energy Procurement


How many calls and direct mail pieces have you received in the last month alone offering to lower your energy rates? Perhaps you’ve dismissed these offers because:

  • You don’t know these companies
  • You don’t have the time or wherewithal to decipher which offer is best for your needs.
  • Like them or not, you’ve been with your utility company for years and years and are reluctant to switch.

Forget about those offers and call GuardianIoT. We offer a full range of energy-procurement services, as we can deal directly with energy service companies (ESCOs) to secure the best contract for your electric and/or natural gas needs.

Our Energy procurement services do not cost your company a penny; we earn our revenue from your contract with the ESCO. If that’s the case, you may ask yourself, why do we want to lower your rates?

Because we want to save you money this year, and next, and for many years to come. We want to be your long-term trusted advisor as long as you are in business.

GuardianIoT helps you navigate the energy procurement market

We evaluate your energy usage and present you with options for the type of contract that will best serve your needs while helping to lower your costs:

  • Fixed: A set price throughout the term of the contract.
  • Floating, or variable pricing: The rate rises or falls monthly based on the wholesale cost of electricity or natural gas.
  • Hybrid: A combination of fixed and floating contracts

We can help structure contracts based on your long-term investment goals or short-term cost cutting measures.

GuardianIoT is not beholden to any single ESCO; we have relationships with dozens of suppliers and are continually evaluating these relationships to ensure we are dealing only with vendors who are buying directly from the market. This ensures there are no added cost layers to your contracted rate.

After the contract is signed, we continue to work for you; our services continue.

Our energy-procurement services do not end when you sign on the dotted line.

GuardianIoT has a dedicated energy manager who watches the energy market daily and makes sure all of our clients are getting the very best rate based on their energy usage.

We also employ load-shifting strategies where applicable to help reduce costs. What this means is we help customers avoid paying high costs for energy by storing it when the cost is low. This creates a surplus of low-cost energy that can be discharged during high-cost, peak-demand periods. All this goes on behind the scenes while you go about your daily business.

We also stay on top of your contract details, ensuring renewals are handled in a timely fashion and there are no lapses. We will also discuss with you, ahead of contract renewal, if there are better contract options to consider.

Get it right the first time, call GuardianIoT

Throw away those direct mailers and ignore the phone calls. Your trusted source for energy procurement is and always will be GuardianIoT. Contact us today.